Leah Hunt-Hendrix

Leah Hunt-Hendrix is a Senior Advisor at the American Economic Liberties Project. She is a writer and organizer, whose work has focused on social movements and building progressive political power. She has a PhD from Princeton University, where she studied political philosophy and philosophy of religion. Her dissertation explored the ethics of solidarity, offering a history of the concept from Ancient Rome to the present day. In 2012, she founded Solidaire, a network of philanthropists dedicated to funding progressive movements, which contributed to a shift in the philanthropic field towards “movement philanthropy.” In 2017, building on that work, she co-founded Way to Win, a community for high networth political donors, coordinating their electoral strategies.

She has served on numerous boards, including the New Economy Coalition and the Solutions Project, and she acts as an advisor to her family foundation, the Sister Fund. Her writings have been featured in the New Republic, the Nation, Huffington Post, the Guardian and Politico, and she has been profiled by Salon, Avenue Magazine, and San Francisco Magazine. Leah was born and raised in New York City and has lived in Egypt, Syria, and the West Bank.