Olivia Webb

Olivia Webb is a Senior Policy Analyst at the American Economic Liberties Project. She primarily focuses on health care, media, and entrepreneurship. Her writing has appeared in The American Prospect, BuzzFeed and Current Affairs.

Prior to Economic Liberties, Olivia was a policy analyst at Open Markets Institute, where she researched both hospital mergers and Amazon’s growing economic power. Olivia has also worked as a research analyst at Advisory Board Company, and a research assistant at the Mongan Institute Health Policy Center, a joint project with Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital. Olivia graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Health & Societies and a concentration in health policy and law.

You can reach Olivia at owebb@economicliberties.us.

Latest Publications

Understanding Amazon: Making the 21st-Century Gatekeeper Safe for Democracy


July 24, 2020 —“Understanding Amazon: Making the 21st-Century Gatekeeper Safe for Democracy" describes Amazon’s key lines of businesses, demystifies its unfair and abusive behavior, summarizes some of its most pernicious effects, and offers legislative and regulatory proposals to address Amazon’s interlocking harms.

American Prospect: 3M: Monopoly, Misrepresentation, and Malpractice

Government Contracting

July 9, 2020 — Economic Liberties partnered with the American Prospect to release “3M: Monopoly, Misrepresentation and Malpractice,” a new investigation from Economic Liberties’ Policy Analyst Olivia Webb that exposes 3M’s plot to sell flawed earplugs to the U.S. military, which caused hundreds of thousands of troops to suffer hearing loss.

The Avoidable Tragedy of Low Hospital Capacity in New York City


May 6, 2020 – Economic Liberties’ latest Working Paper in a series on corporate power, “The Avoidable Tragedy of Low Hospital Capacity in New York City.” Policy Analyst Olivia Webb explains how New York City lost hospital bed capacity and outlines solutions to protect public health and well-being.