Access to Markets

Building a business is exciting and rewarding, but also comes with many challenges — a dominant corporation or monopolist using abusive tactics should not be one of them.

Monopolies are everywhere in America today. They exist across a range of industries like: app development, media and entertainment, medical supplies, fitness, online marketing, cheerleading, retail, farming, meat production and many more — and they often use their power over markets to block growing businesses from competing with new and better products.

But policymakers are moving for the first time in decades to address the dominance of entrenched firms. Congress completed a groundbreaking, bipartisan investigation into the dominance of large tech platforms in 2020, and antitrust suits have been filed by state attorneys general, the Justice Department, and the Federal Trade Commission. Even more can be done — competition policy is one of many powerful tools that can be wielded by policymakers and regulators to ensure equal opportunity for all businesses.

Access to Markets is an initiative to ensure they hear from entrepreneurs and businesses about how to create accessible, competitive markets that foster innovation and create fair conditions for commerce.