Access to Markets

Building a business is an exciting, but uphill, challenge. You need a great product or service, customers, a viable business model, and access to capital (a major challenge in itself!). But today, even that may not be enough. You also need a plan to deal with monopolies.

Dominant corporations or monopolies use a range of anti-competitive tactics like below-cost pricing, coercive or exclusionary contract terms, and copycatting successful products by smaller innovative firms, to name a just few, to harm entrepreneurs, and owners of small, medium and even large businesses.

Is your startup or business facing anti-competitive conduct or abuse from a dominant corporation? Let us know through this form. We will keep your information confidential and only contact you if you give us permission. 

We want to help. We are working to educate and support lawmakers and antitrust enforcers to make markets fair and competitive so your startup or business can compete and thrive on the merits. 
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