Our Story

The American Economic Liberties Project launched in February 2020 to help translate the intellectual victories of the anti-monopoly movement into momentum towards concrete, wide-ranging policy changes that begin to address today’s crisis of concentrated economic power. 

As concern over concentrated economic power has broadened beyond the community of antitrust reformers, Economic Liberties has quickly grown into a hub for organizing a diverse set of leading policy experts and advocates in areas impacted by concentrated power, ranging from community development to national security to entrepreneurship.

Working together with a growing network of allies, we call on the government to re-assert essential policy tools — like aggressive investigatory agendas, robust antitrust enforcement, anti-corruption measures, corporate accountability, and a reinvigorated administrative state — to challenge monopolies’ dominance over markets and society.

We are non-profit and non-partisan and do not accept any funding from corporations. Contributions and grants from foundations and individuals pay for the work we do.

Our Team

Steering Committee & Board of Directors

Ross Baird*

Ross is the founder and CEO of Blueprint Local, a new venture that aims to become the premier platform for people to invest in their communities, and the founder of Village Capital, a venture capital firm and incubator that supports impact-driven entrepreneurs.

Laura Campos*

Laura is the Director of the Nathan Cummings Foundation’s Corporate and Political Accountability program. She has nearly two decades of experience engaging public corporations on topics with implications for climate change and inequality.

Brandi Collins-Dexter*

Brandi is a member of the American Economic Liberties Project’s Board. She is also a visiting fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy and a senior fellow at Color Of Change. She is currently writing a book about Black participation in democracy and the U.S. economy, with particular focus on the role technology and information integrity play in improving or deteriorating community health.

Laleh Ispahani*

Laleh is Co-Director of Open Society-U.S., where she oversees grant making, advocacy, and administrative work. Previously, she directed OSF-U.S.’s Democracy team and served as senior policy counsel at the American Civil Liberties Union.

Richard R. John

Richard is a Professor at the Columbia Journalism School, where he focuses on the history of business, technology, communications, and politics. He is a 2019 Guggenheim Foundation fellow, and has been a fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, D. C.

Ronald Newman*

Ronald was the National Political Director at the American Civil Liberties Union, where he oversaw policy, advocacy, organizing, and electoral programming. Previously, he served as the Director of Human Rights and Refugee Protection at the National Security Council.

* Denotes a member of Economic Liberties’ board.

Staff & Fellows

Krista Brown

Senior Policy Analyst

Krista researches and writes about policy at Economic Liberties, with a focus on technology, data, and finance. Previously, she served as a researcher at the Open Markets Institute and an analyst at Future\Perfect Ventures.

Sade Bruce

Deputy Director of Operations

Sade helps build and oversee program and project budgets, refines administrative workflows, ensures the organization is compliant with relevant labor laws.

Matthew Jinoo Buck

Senior Fellow

Matthew Jinoo Buck is a Senior Fellow at the American Economic Liberties Project, where he researches and writes about policy with a focus on antitrust enforcement. He is currently a first-year student at Yale Law School.

Ben Elga

Senior Fellow

Ben is an attorney and founding Executive Director of Justice Catalyst and Justice Catalyst Law, which pursues path-breaking approaches to social justice lawyering to improve the lives of those denied access to justice. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School.

Pat Garofalo

Director of State and Local Policy

Pat directs Economic Liberties’ policy advocacy and engagement with state and local stakeholders. An alum of the Center for American Progress, he is also the author of The Billionaire Boondoggle: How Our Politicians Let Corporations and Bigwigs Steal Our Money and Jobs.

Morgan Harper

Director of Policy and Advocacy

Morgan leads Economic Liberties and Fight Corporate Monopolies’ advocacy efforts. She is a lawyer and, most recently, was a progressive candidate to represent Ohio in the U.S. Senate. Morgan holds an M.P.A. from Princeton and a J.D. from Stanford Law School.

Nidhi Hegde

Managing Director

Nidhi develops Economic Liberties’ organizational strategy and programs and directs operations. She is a seasoned international development professional and an alum of the Open Markets Institute, the Monitor Group, FSG, and the Omidyar Network.

Lee Hepner

Legal Counsel

Lee is an attorney with extensive experience in state and local policy. His work includes precedent-setting legislation to protect small businesses from anti-competitive behavior, in furtherance of equitable, self-sustaining communities. He is also an expert in privacy, land use, and government ethics law.

William J. McGee

Senior Fellow for Aviation and Travel

William J. McGee is a veteran consumer advocate and aviation expert with decades of experience standing up against airline industry consolidation and in support of passengers.

Shahid Naeem

Senior Policy Analyst

Shahid researches and writes about policy at Economic Liberties, with an interest in finance, defense, and technology.

Erik Peinert

Research Manager and Editor

The author of the upcoming “Monopoly Politics: Price Competition, Learning, and the Evolution of Policy Regimes,” Erik manages and coordinates Economic Liberties’ policy and research agenda. Erik is also an affiliated researcher at the Rhodes Center for International Finance at Brown University.

Daniel Rangel

Rethink Trade Research Director

Daniel specializes in international trade and investment law and policy and he is an expert in trade and labor matters. He was one of the lawyers that drafted the first stakeholder petition to activate the USMCA rapid response mechanism.

Faiz Shakir

Interim Executive Director

Faiz Shakir is the Founder and Executive Director of More Perfect Union. He also serves as chief political adviser to Senator Bernie Bernie Sanders, after running his 2020 presidential campaign. Previously, Shakir was ACLU’s National Political Director and served in congressional roles as senior advisors to Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Sara Sirota

Policy Analyst

A former journalist, Sara conducts policy research at Economic Liberties focusing on monopoly power in health care and national security.

Matt Stoller

Director of Research

Matt is the author of the Simon and Schuster book Goliath: The Hundred Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy, called “one of the year’s best books on how to rethink capitalism and improve the economy.” He is a former advisor to the Senate Budget Committee.

Maureen “Moe” Tkacik

Senior Fellow

A former Wall Street Journal reporter, Moe has written for The Nation, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and Reuters. Her analysis of Boeing’s decline, “Crash Course: How Boeing’s Managerial Revolution Created the 737 Max Disaster,” was featured as The New Republic’s cover story.

Katherine Van Dyck

Senior Legal Counsel

An experienced attorney, Katie uses her experience to develop policies and legal strategies to combat the growing threat of corporate consolidation and to make the economy work for the same people she represented in court.

Lori Wallach

Director of Rethink Trade

Lori is the director of the Rethink Trade program at AELP and a 30-year veteran of international and U.S. congressional trade battles. She was named to “Politico’s 50” list of thinkers, doers and visionaries transforming American politics for her leadership in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) debate. A lawyer, Lori is the author of The Rise and Fall of Fast Track Trade Authority and Whose Trade Organization? A Comprehensive Guide to the WTO .

Jimmy Wyderko

Senior Communications Associate

Jimmy drives Economic Liberties’ communications strategy, creating written materials, generating social media and digital content, and handling the organization’s press and media relations.