A collection of Economic Liberties’ data and research tools that document the latest economic trends and highlight the impacts of concentrated economic power.

UnitedHealth Group Abuse Tracker

A tracker of healthcare giant UnitedHealth Group's documented abuses of patients, independent medical practices and pharmacies.

Corporations vs. The People

A tracker of corporate lawsuits challenging the Biden Administration’s rulemaking and enforcement actions that improve the lives of everyday Americans.

The Wall Street Grumble: Exposing The WSJ's Obsession With FTC Chair Lina Khan

Since Chair Khan took office in June 2021, the Wall Street Journal has published more than 60 editorials, opinion pieces, and letters to the editor criticizing her efforts to protect working families and hold big corporations accountable. This tool catalogues all of those pieces in one data set.

Big Tech On Trial

Timelines that track six key federal and state antitrust cases pending against Big Tech firms and map out each step of the litigation.

M&A Activity, 2017 - 2021

A detailed dataset of M&A activity that took place between January 2017 and January 2021, further concentrating the American economy.

HSR-Reported Mergers, 2009-2020

A comprehensive dataset of sector-specific merger statistics above the Hart-Scott-Rodino threshold as reported by the Federal Trade Commission.

COVID Mergers

A detailed dataset of M&A activity that took place after the CARES Act passed that documents how large corporations and financiers took advantage of the economic crisis and cheap financing to buy up smaller competitors and businesses in distress.

Big Tech Abuse Tracker

An up-to-date tracker of the ways Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google leverage their monopoly power to abuse workers, independent businesses and communities around the world.

Big Tech Merger Tracker

An up-to-date tracker of the latest acquisitions made by Big Tech monopolies, including Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.

Antitrust Scrutiny of $100 Billion U.S. Corps.

An analysis of the major antitrust investigations into U.S. corporations valued at more than $100 billion that finds at least 80% of such corporations have faced serious antitrust scrutiny.