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A collection of Economic Liberties’ research and writing on concentrated economic power and competition policy.

Factsheet: The FTC is Holding Corporate Actors Accountable, Protecting Small Businesses, Workers, and Consumers

While navigating a leadership transition during a pandemic, an historic merger wave, and unprecedented economic dominance driven by rampant concentration, Chair Khan is steering the FTC to protect working families and honest businesses with stronger law enforcement.

USA Today: Don’t let the airlines fool you. Regulate their cancellations and high fares.

In USA Today, Economic Liberties’ Senior Fellow for Aviation & Travel Bill McGee lays out the causes of the current airline and travel crisis, highlighting Secretary Buttigieg’s inadequate response and arguing for rolling back federal preemption, which currently prevents state attorneys general among others from holding the airlines accountable.

How Policymakers Can Stop Monopoly Price Hikes

With mounting evidence that corporate power is a key contributing factor to record-high inflation, Economic Liberties today released model legislation designed to stop large corporations from illegally colluding to raise prices or keep wages down.

Confronting America’s Concentration Crisis: A Ledger of Harms and Framework for Advancing Economic Liberty for All

A detailed compilation of the last few years of research into the range of ways concentrated corporate power is harming families and society, Economic Liberties' “Ledger of Harms” also maps out an agenda for breaking this dangerous power.

Events and Virtual Talks

Engage with the Economic Liberties team and our network of policymakers, academics, journalists, and activists at upcoming events or webinars.

Ban Secret Deals: How to Take On the Economic Development Subsidy Machine

The American Economic Liberties Project, NY Senate Deputy Majority Leader Michael Gianaris and other state and community leaders hosted an important conversation and workshop about the harms of secret deals and why states must ban them.

"Thinking Big" with Dr. Elizabeth Popp Berman

Economic Liberties hosted Dr. Elizabeth Popp Berman for the second installment of “Thinking Big" to dig into the origins of this economic style of reasoning, its takeover of federal policymaking, and how it can be overcome.

Economic Liberties and NCPA Present: How PBMs Impact Drug Prices, Communities, and Patients

PBMs raise drug prices, create pharmacy deserts, are turn pharmacy care into a nightmare. Learn more about the FTC’s new 6(b) study of PBMs and why we need bipartisan solutions from Congress.

Billions in Chinese Imports Dodge Inspection & Taxes, Now What?

A loophole in U.S. trade law allows Big Tech to import billions of dollars of unsafe, counterfeit, and forced labor-made goods from Beijing. Learn how the U.S. House is working to fix it and how the Senate may block the solution.

Monopoly Resources

Use our collection of essential resources to find books, articles, policy research, and other publications from experts and thought leaders across the anti-monopoly movement.

Book: "Goliath: The 100-Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy"

As the anti-monopoly discussion entered mainstream media in recent years, Economic Liberties' Director of Research, Matt Stoller, published a timely book that traces the history of monopoly power and how our forebears fought to keep our democracy alive.

Legal Analysis: Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox

Read Lina Khan's groundbreaking legal research into Amazon's monopoly power, published in the Yale Law Journal in 2017.

Book: "Break 'Em Up"

Read Zephyr Teachout's book on monopolies in the United States, their control over our everyday lives, and what can be done to reclaim our democracy.