Our Work

A collection of Economic Liberties’ research and writing on concentrated economic power and competition policy.

Confronting America’s Concentration Crisis: A Ledger of Harms and Framework for Advancing Economic Liberty for All

A detailed compilation of the last few years of research into the range of ways concentrated corporate power is harming families and society, Economic Liberties' “Ledger of Harms” also maps out an agenda for breaking this dangerous power.

The Courage to Learn

A deeply researched case for breaking from the failed consumer welfare approach and a comprehensive antitrust and competition policy agenda for the Congress and the Biden Administration.

What Jeff Bezos Hath Wrought

An exclusive essay for The New York Times on the future of Amazon and what’s at stake for millions of third-party sellers and workers.

Events and Virtual Talks

Engage with the Economic Liberties team and our network of policymakers, academics, journalists, and activists at upcoming events or webinars.

Break ‘Em Up! Redistributing Economic Power to the People

People’s Action and the American Economic Liberties Project kicked off a new virtual event series “Break ‘Em Up! Redistributing Economic Power to the People" with a discussion focused on how concentrated corporate power hurts labor and workplace organizing efforts.

Protect Our Restaurants & Communities: The Case Against Dominant Delivery Apps

Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon (PA-05) joined the Protect Our Restaurants campaign to discuss the federal and state policies we need to take on these predatory middlemen and create healthy restaurant markets.

A Tale of Two Bailouts

Economic Liberties hosted Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA), the Honorable Sarah Bloom Raskin, Mehrsa Baradaran, and others to discuss the ways that public institutions are contributing to consolidated corporate power — not just through their actions, but by design.

Coronavirus & Concentrated Corporate Power: How We Got Here & Where We Need to Go

Our conversation with Federal Trade Commissioner Rohit Chopra and Zephyr Teachout about concentrated corporate power, the Coronavirus crisis, and the bold structural reforms needed to build a fairer economy.

Monopoly Resources

Use our collection of essential resources to find books, articles, policy research, and other publications from experts and thought leaders across the anti-monopoly movement.

Book: "Goliath: The 100-Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy"

As the anti-monopoly discussion entered mainstream media last year, Economic Liberties' Director of Research, Matt Stoller, published a timely book that traces the history of monopoly power and how our forebears fought to keep our democracy alive.

Legal Analysis: Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox

Read Lina Khan's groundbreaking legal research into Amazon's monopoly power, published in the Yale Law Journal in 2017.

Book: "Break 'Em Up"

Read Zephyr Teachout's book on monopolies in the United States, their control over our everyday lives, and what can be done to reclaim our democracy.