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A collection of Economic Liberties’ research and writing on concentrated economic power and competition policy.

Amicus Brief: U.S. v. United States Sugar Corporation, et. al

The American Economic Liberties Project filed an amicus brief in support of the U.S. Department of Justice’s appeal of the district court decision to allow U.S. Sugar Corporations’ $350 million acquisition of rival Imperial Sugar Company. The brief argues that that the acquisition cannot be sustained under the incipiency standard created by Section 7 of the Clayton Act, in both the regional and national markets proposed by the parties.

How Antitrust Enforcers Helped Create a Live Events Monster

"How Antitrust Enforcers Helped Create a Live Events Monster" explains how the merger between Live Nation and Ticketmaster highlights the failures of the light-touch approach to antitrust and merger enforcement. The policy brief lays out how and why present day enforcers must redress this — and other — mistakes.

ProMarket: The Needless Desertion of Robinson-Patman

In ProMarket, Economic Liberties' Senior Legal Counsel Katie Van Dyck and Research Manager & Editor Erik Peinert examines how antitrust enforcers’ desertion of the Robinson-Patman Act allowed power buyers like Walmart and Amazon to take over the economy. The piece also pushes back on claims that reviving the law would be bad for consumers.

Price Discrimination and Power Buyers: Why Giant Retailers Dominate the Economy and How to Stop It

"Price Discrimination and Power Buyers: Why Giant Retailers Dominate the Economy and How to Stop It" argues for the resurrection and expansion of the Robinson-Patman Act and examines the abandonment of the RPA, the rise of giant power buyers like Amazon and Walmart, and the ways its revival could level the playing field for small business today.

Events and Virtual Talks

Engage with the Economic Liberties team and our network of policymakers, academics, journalists, and activists at upcoming events or webinars.

"Thinking Big" with Chris Leonard

Senior Fellow Denise Hearn talks with best-selling investigative journalist Chris Leonard about how decision-making at the Federal Reserve has accelerated income inequality and put our country's economic stability at risk.

"Thinking Big" with Rana Foroohar

Economic Liberties hosted Rana Foroohar for a conversation on global resiliency, prosperity, and democracy.

Big Tech’s “Digital Trade” Attack on Working People & Labor Rights

Rethink Trade hosted a town hall with Rep. Ro Khanna, Teamsters General President Sean O'Brien, and Rethink Trade Director Lori Wallach to discuss what can be done to ensure that IPEF is the first new worker-centered trade deal.

Tools for Reforming Antitrust Policy: A Guide for State Lawmakers to Challenge Corporate Power

The American Economic Liberties Project and MN AG Keith Ellison discuss the tools state and local officials can use to crack down on corporate power & reform antitrust policy.

Monopoly Resources

Use our collection of essential resources to find books, articles, policy research, and other publications from experts and thought leaders across the anti-monopoly movement.

Book: "Goliath: The 100-Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy"

As the anti-monopoly discussion entered mainstream media in recent years, Economic Liberties' Director of Research, Matt Stoller, published a timely book that traces the history of monopoly power and how our forebears fought to keep our democracy alive.

Legal Analysis: Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox

Read Lina Khan's groundbreaking legal research into Amazon's monopoly power, published in the Yale Law Journal in 2017.

Book: "Break 'Em Up"

Read Zephyr Teachout's book on monopolies in the United States, their control over our everyday lives, and what can be done to reclaim our democracy.