“Thinking Big” with Rana Foroohar

“Globalization as we’ve known it for the last half century is over,” writes Financial Times columnist and editor Rana Foroohar in her much-anticipated Homecoming: The Path to Prosperity in a Post-Global World. The question is what comes next — and whether the “necessary and welcome” deglobalization that’s afoot can, as Foroohar puts it, be engineered “to localize, rather than concentrate, wealth and power.”

Join Economic Liberties on Thursday, October 27 at 8pm ET/5pm PT as we dive into the central questions of Foorhar’s latest, vital book. Celebrated as “eye-opening and gripping” journalism that is “as bold in its ambitions as it is readable,” Homecoming will serve as an opening for a conversation on global resiliency, prosperity, and democracy.

You can pre-order Homecoming: The Path To Prosperity In A Post-Global World, at your local, independent bookstore here and read more about it in The American Prospect.

Date & Time
October 27, 2022 8:00 pm