Who We Fight For

The Business Community

Entrepreneurs and independent businesses deserve to compete on the merits of their ideas and hard work, free from bullying from monopolists. We want to fight together to advance policy changes that level the playing field.

Working People and Consumers

Whether clocking in to work or paying bills around the kitchen table, working people should be free from rampant abuse from dominant corporations. We want to fight together to rebalance power towards hardworking families.

State & Community Leaders

States and communities should have the support they need to stand up to monopolies that undermine economic vibrancy, equity, and independence. We want to fight together to put what’s best for communities before what’s best for big corporations.

Policymakers & Experts

Across the country, momentum against monopolies is growing. We want to help cultivate and learn alongside a growing network of experts and policymakers committed to creating change.

How We Fight

Our campaigns are advancing ideas and creating momentum to break the power of the world’s most dangerous monopolies and return it to where it belongs — with all of us.

Access to Markets

Access to Markets is an initiative of the American Economic Liberties Project to build and support a community of engaged entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, and advocates. We want to ensure policymakers prioritize fair access to markets not only for ourselves, but for the next generation of inventors, creators, and business leaders committed to competing with better products and services.

Freedom from Facebook & Google

Elected officials and enforcers can make Facebook and Google safer for users, businesses, and democracy by breaking them up, regulating them, and holding them accountable for wrongdoing. Together, we will make sure that they do.

Investigate Insulin Now

1 in 4 diabetic Americans are unable to afford the insulin they need to survive because three corporations who control the production of insulin - Eli Lilly, Sanofi, and Novo-Nordisk - have been colluding to hike prices in lockstep for years. Investigate Insulin Now is fighting back and demanding policymakers and enforcers act now.

Protect Our Restaurants

We're bringing together restaurant owners, workers, civil society groups, and consumers to persuade policymakers to take on the dominant delivery apps - Doordash, GrubHub, Postmates and UberEats - that exploit restaurants and take money out of our local economies.