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Access to Markets: The Other Red Tape: Market Concentration and The Rise of Private Gatekeepers

Anti-Monopoly Policies & EnforcementIndependent Business & Entrepreneurship

June 14, 2021 — "The Other Red Tape" documents the ways dominant corporations threaten entrepreneurship and business growth and lays out how we can restructure markets to be open, fair, and competitive.

SB 933: Protecting Workers and Small Businesses from Dominant Corporations

Anti-Monopoly Policies & EnforcementState and Local Policy

June 3, 2021 — We explain SB 933, New York legislation that, if passed, will provide New Yorkers with important new protections from the abuses of dominant corporations.

Letter to Congress: AbbVie and Predecessors’ Long History of Illegal Generic Delay


May 17, 2021 — Economic Liberties submitted testimony to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform that exposes AbbVie and its predecessors' long history of illegally delaying generic pharmaceuticals.

Myth vs Fact on Big Tech Monopolies


May 3, 2021 — “Myth vs Fact on Big Tech Monopolies” catalogues many of the misleading arguments Amazon, Facebook and Google make to mislead policymakers about their lines of business.

The Truth About Google, Facebook, and Small Businesses


May 3, 2021 — “The Truth About Google, Facebook, and Small Businesses" exposes the ways Google and Facebook prey on small businesses and inspire terror across the commercial landscape.

What You Need to Know About the Interstate Compact Against Corporate Tax Giveaways

State and Local Policy

April 26, 2021 — “What You Need to Know About the Interstate Compact Against Corporate Tax Giveaways" explains how a recent interstate compact among 13 states could help end the use of corporate tax incentives that extract wealth from local communities.