Whether it’s fighting for small businesses abused by Amazon and other gatekeepers, standing up for farmers and farm workers exploited by agriculture conglomerates, or protecting our privacy and the free press from information monopolies like Facebook and Google, we’re working to advance ideas and create momentum to break the power of the world’s most dangerous monopolies and return it to where it belongs — with all of us.

Join us in our fight.

Open Jobs

Legal Fellow

Economic Liberties seeks a Legal Fellow to join our team who is passionate about our mission and will bring experience analyzing competition policy and antitrust litigation. You can find more details here.

Communications Intern

Economic Liberties seeks a Communications Intern to support its communications team. Ideal candidates will have exceptional interpersonal skills, an interest in politics and an awareness of the day-to-day political developments in U.S. competition policy. You can find more details here.

Keep in Touch

If you’re interested in working with Economic Liberties, please reach out at jobs@economicliberties.us.