A black and white street view of skyscrapers.

All across our society, monopolistic corporations govern much of our economic lives and exert extraordinary influence over our democracy.

The New York Stock Exchange building.

With Wall Street’s help, they extract more and more wealth and power from working people, independent businesses, entrepreneurs, ordinary investors, consumers, and entire communities.

The K St. NW street sign.

To protect their power, they use their wealth to manipulate public opinion, influence government policy, and ensure our laws — for them — are mere suggestions.

The American flag in the sky.

Working together, we can break their unjust hold on power to realize economic liberty for everyone and help build a vibrant, inclusive democracy.

Our Work

Economic Liberties develops ideas, engages with policymakers and the media, and collaborates with a broad range of stakeholders to dismantle concentrated economic power and advance economic liberty for all.

Read “She Wants to Break Up Big Everything,” the New York Times profile of Economic Liberties’ Executive Director Sarah Miller and her efforts to bring corporate power “to the center of the political conversation.”

The New York Times

Watch “Concentrated Power and Coronavirus,” a briefing on supply chain vulnerabilities with Representative Mark Pocan, Brookings China scholar Rush Doshi, and Defense Innovation Unit expert Lucas Kunce.

Recorded Event

Writing for The Appeal, Sarah Miller makes the case for a temporary merger ban, along the lines of Senator Warren and Representative Ocasio-Cortez’s recent proposal, to curb runaway corporate consolidation.

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In “Addressing Facebook and Google’s Harms Through a Regulated Competition Approach,” Sarah Miller, Matt Stoller, and Zephyr Teachout offer a roadmap for reining in tech’s most pernicious duopoly.

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Read “Remote Control,” Matt Stoller’s article in the American Prospect about a civil rights lawsuit that helped expose how Comcast grew from a small local company to a monopoly that crushes media diversity.

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In “Rescue Mission: Bailing Out Boeing and Rebuilding It to Thrive,” Moe Tkacik unpacks how financialization and mismanagement drove Boeing’s dangerous decline and lays out a path forward for policymakers.

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