A black and white street view of skyscrapers.

All across our society, monopolistic corporations govern much of our economic lives and exert extraordinary influence over our democracy.

The New York Stock Exchange building.

With Wall Street’s help, they extract more and more wealth and power from working people, independent businesses, entrepreneurs, ordinary investors, consumers, and entire communities.

The K St. NW street sign.

To protect their power, they use their wealth to manipulate public opinion, influence government policy, and ensure our laws — for them — are mere suggestions.

The American flag in the sky.

Working together, we can break their unjust hold on power to realize economic liberty for everyone and help build a vibrant, inclusive democracy.

Our Work

Economic Liberties develops ideas, engages with policymakers and the media, and collaborates with a broad range of stakeholders to dismantle concentrated economic power and advance economic liberty for all.

"Democratizing Markets” lays out how the Biden administration can use antitrust and competition policy to structure fairer, more competitive, and vibrant markets.

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"The Courage to Learn" tells a previously untold but crucial story about how America’s economy works and why it’s not working well for so many of us.

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Our M&A database catalogues more than 1,300 significant mergers, exposing how large corporations use mergers and acquisitions to further consolidate the economy.

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The "Ledger of Harms” documents the ways concentrated economic power harms families and society, and maps out an agenda for confronting America's concentration crisis.

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“How To Prevent the Next Social Media-Driven Attack On Democracy” explains why confronting the gatekeeping power and corrupt profit motive of social media platforms is key to addressing online extremism.

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"The New Money Trust" examines BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street's growing dominance and illustrates the concerning implications of their power in asset management.


In the News

Keep up to date on the latest news about and opinions from the Economic Liberties team.

PBS NewsHour hosted Executive Director Sarah Miller for a discussion about Big Tech’s toxic business model and why policymakers have a responsibility to break their growing monopoly power.

PBS News Hour

In an exclusive essay for The New York Times, Senior Fellow Moe Tkacik lays out the future of Amazon and what’s at stake for millions of third-party sellers and workers.

The New York Times

Writing for Momentum, Senior Advisor Morgan Harper detailed why the Biden administration must deliver for the Black community and take on America’s corporate crisis.


The New York Times’ Dealbook featured Economic Liberties’ antitrust and competition policy agenda alongside our new, interactive database of recent M&A activity.

The New York Times

HuffPost profiled efforts by Economic Liberties, People’s Action, and 40 progressive allies to urge President Biden to publicly support the unionization effort of Amazon warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama.


The New York Times profiled Economic Liberties' Executive Director Sarah Miller and the growing political movement to take on corporate power.

The New York Times