When the voice of Wall Street is this angry with antitrust enforcer Lina Khan, it’s a good sign she’s acting on behalf of the American public.

The American Economic Liberties Project has been tracking the number of editorials, op-eds, and letters to the editor published in the pages of the Wall Street Journal that raise concerns about the antitrust enforcement record of FTC Chair Lina Khan.

In total, the elite voices of the Wall Street Journal have published 101 pieces since the beginning of Khan’s tenure, all of them intending to undermine the FTC’s enforcement actions. In our view, that means Chair Khan is on the right path.

According to our analysis, the Journal is publishing a screed against Chair Khan about once every 11 days!

Below is a full list of the WSJ’s pieces expressing sadness and frustration with the FTC.

We’ll be keeping this page updated.

This data was last updated July 5, 2024.

TallyDateArticle Headline
1017/4/24Lina Khan Loses in Court Again—This Time on Non-Competes
1006/12/24The FTC Brings Back the 1930s
995/28/24Lina Khan's Amazon Antitrust Paradox
985/15/24Another Lina Khan Theory Loses in Court
975/12/24What’s So Bad About Fixing Oil Prices?
965/9/24The FTC Smears Scott Sheffield
955/6/24Lina Khan’s Failed FTC Experiment
945/5/24The More the FTC Sues, the Bigger Its Budget Grows
934/28/24Lina Khan Wears Prada
924/24/24The FTC Decrees: No More Non-Compete Agreements
914/10/24MGM Grand Casino: Hacked by Criminals, Probed by the FTC
903/25/24Biden Wants to Put AI On a Leash
893/6/24Let Kroger Compete Better With Walmart
883/5/24The Biden 'Strike Force' is Coming for You
872/26/24The FTC’s Grocery Gift to Walmart and Amazon
862/23/24Lina Khan’s Trumpian Precedent
852/20/24America’s ‘Unbalanced’ New Trade Politics
842/20/24Progressives Against Credit-Card Competition
832/12/24The Story Behind Biden's Trade Failure
822/7/24American Dynamism Meets European-Style Regulation
811/30/24Elizabeth Warren's iRobot Gift to China
8012/21/23Josh Hawley Loves Lina Khan
7910/20/23IBM, Microsoft and Big Tech Antitrust Folly

Brain Death at the FTC and FCC

779/27/23Lina Khan Has a Weak Case Against Amazon

The Harassment of Elon Musk

757/27/23How Biden Can Get Antitrust Right

Lina Khan Needs to See ‘Shark Tank’

737/24/23Antitrust Regulation by Intimidation

Lina Khan’s Artificial Intelligence

717/11/23Lina Khan Whiffs on the Microsoft-Activision Tie-Up

Antitrust Officials Pile On the Paperwork

697/2/23Khan Rewrites the Merger Rulebook

Progressives Attack Their Own at the FTC

676/18/23Lina Khan’s Recusal Coverup

Lina Khan Wins as Illumina’s CEO Resigns

656/7/23Welcome to Biden’s Tale of WOE
646/2/23Car Shopping Ain’t Broke, So the FTC Will Fix It
635/18/23Antitrust Gone Wild Against Amgen
625/7/23Lina Khan Has a Meta Fixation
615/2/23One ‘Monopoly’ That Could Save Your Life
604/28/23Forget AI: The Administrative State Is a Bad Algorithm
594/27/23Lina Khan Blocks Cancer Cures
584/19/23The FTC Is Working With the EU to Hamstring U.S. Companies
574/4/23Lina Khan’s Merger Myopia Has Deadly Consequences
564/3/23The FTC’s Unholy Antitrust Grail
553/27/23The IRS Makes a Strange House Call on Matt Taibbi
543/8/23Skullduggery at the FCC
533/8/23Josh Hawley, Meet Lina Khan’s FTC
523/2/23Congress Can Investigate Lina Khan
512/27/23A Domestic Agenda for the House Select China Committee
502/23/23The FTC’s Antitrust Collusion
492/20/23To Resign or Continue Dissenting at the FTC?
482/15/23What Will Lina Khan’s FTC Block Next?
472/14/23Why I’m Resigning as an FTC Commissioner
462/14/23The Many Abuses of Lina Khan’s FTC
452/13/23The Junk Economics of ‘Junk-Fee’ Politics
442/12/23WSJ Opinion: Hits and Misses of the Week
432/12/23End the Discrimination Against Small Business
422/6/23Lina Khan Chalks Up Another Defeat
412/5/23The FTC Can’t See the Future
401/30/23Lina Khan and the FTC Go Back to the Antitrust Future
391/22/23The Chamber of Commerce Will Fight the FTC
381/19/23Responding to President Biden on Big Tech
371/17/23‘Hipster’ Antitrust Goes Beltway at the FTC
361/8/23Lina Khan’s Non-Compete Favor to Big Labor
3510/28/22Facebook Does a Faceplant
3410/20/22The Deadly ‘De-Growth’ Craze
339/11/22Amazon Discovers That Even Paranoids Have Competitors
329/6/22Walmart Takes On Lina Khan
319/5/22Is This the Best That Government Can Do on Big Tech?
308/29/22Lina Khan’s Merger Metaverse
298/8/22The FTC Heads for Legal Trouble
287/31/22Antitrust Attacks on Private Equity Hurt Consumers
275/19/22The Baby Formula Shortage Was Made in Washington
265/16/22The Senators From Venezuela
255/10/22Lina Khan and Amy Klobuchar’s Microsoft Temptation
244/20/22Netflix Falls to Earth
234/3/22The New Progressives Fight Against Consumer Welfare
223/13/22If You Play With Antitrust Fire, You Might Get Burned
211/26/22Republicans Step Into Amy Klobuchar’s Antitrust Trap
201/14/22What the Supreme Court’s OSHA Ruling Means
191/2/22The Warren-Biden Bank Heist
1812/13/21The Biden Stagflation Is Coming
1711/29/21Biden’s Great Gasoline-Price Contradiction
1611/23/21Why Does Biden Stand By Omarova to Regulate the Banks?
1511/17/21Biden’s Gas-Price Diversion
1410/14/21China and the U.S. Sabotage Their Own Tech Companies
139/28/21U.S. Antitrust Gets a European Makeover
128/27/21Let a Biden Reappraisal Include Antitrust
118/15/21A Chinese Warning for U.S. Tech
107/26/21The Revolution May Come for Mark Zuckerberg
97/22/21Biden’s Antitrust Conflicts
87/16/21President Warren’s Government
77/13/21Lina Khan Is Icarus at the FTC
67/13/21Lina Khan’s Gift to Netflix
57/12/21Biden’s Silicon Valley Winners
47/12/21Joe Biden’s Antitrust Paradox: Where’s the Consumer Welfare?
37/9/21Joe Biden, 20th Century Trustbuster
27/5/21Lina Khan’s Power Grab at the FTC
16/16/21An Antitrust Bait and Switch