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American Prospect: Congressional Leader Lays Down Marker in Revolving-Door Battle

September 15, 2020 — Economic Liberties joined Congressman Grijalva in calling for Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and Republican Leader Mitch McConnell to reject executive branch appointments of corporate executives and lobbyists.

Politico: Antitrust fight against Google hits partisan headwinds

September 4, 2020 — Politico turned to Economic Liberties’ Research Director Matt Stoller to discuss how a Biden administration might approach an antirust case against Google.

NPR Morning Edition: Study: How The Power Of Facebook And Google Affects Local Communities

September 3, 2020 — Economic Liberties’ Director of State and Local Policy Pat Garofolo joined NPR’s Morning Edition to discuss Facebook and Google’s harm on local communities and talk about how policymakers can address the duopoly’s dangerous business model.

Washington Times: Big Tech companies will be targeted in Democrats’ antitrust overhaul

September 1, 2020 — With momentum building to take on big tech, Economic Liberties’ Executive Director Sarah Miller spoke to The Washington Times about the House Antitrust Subcommittee’s plan of action and why Congress must address concentrated corporate power.

Colorado Sun: Big Tech asserts its influence in Colorado, but the U.S. Senate candidates aren’t willing to discuss it

September 1, 2020 — Economic Liberties’ Executive Director Sarah Miller spoke to the Colorado Sun about the ways big tech monopolies harm small businesses, and the growing, bipartisan movement to break their power.