Freedom from Facebook and Google: Tell Biden and Congress to Break Up Big Tech

Facebook and Google are two of the world’s most dangerous monopolies. Their toxic business models supercharge clickbait, conspiracy theories, hateful and illegal content, and predatory scams. They dominate the digital advertising market, harvesting billions of dollars that once sustained local and independent journalism. And they run rampant over millions of hard-working small businesses that are forced to depend on them and entrepreneurs who strive to compete with them. Policymakers have allowed these two corporate giants to acquire unprecedented power and seize control of how billions of people communicate and do business online.

In 2018, a diverse coalition of policy and grassroots organizations launched Freedom from Facebook to show policymakers why breaking up Facebook was key to protecting our democracy. Together, we exposed Facebook’s unprecedented power, expanded to take on Google, paved the way for the House Antitrust Subcommittee’s historic investigation calling for Big Tech to be broken up, and helped set the stage for the significant antitrust suits now taking aim at Facebook and Google’s monopoly power.

Next Thursday, May 27th at 2:30pm ET, join the Freedom from Facebook and Google coalition to hear from Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congressman Mondaire Jones and welcome 10+ new partners to the original coalition. With momentum growing, we’ll be launching the next phase of our campaign. Join us to tell Biden and Congress to break up Big Tech.

Date & Time
May 28, 2021 2:30 pm
Live Stream