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Public Seminar: Foxconn, Take Two

Government ContractingState and Local Policy

April 28, 2021 — In an essay for Public Seminar, Economic Liberties’ State and Local Policy Direct Pat Garofalo dug into Wisconsin’s latest deal with Foxconn, and explained why states must stop offering sweetheart deals to corporations.

What You Need to Know About the Interstate Compact Against Corporate Tax Giveaways

State and Local Policy

April 26, 2021 — “What You Need to Know About the Interstate Compact Against Corporate Tax Giveaways" explains how a recent interstate compact among 13 states could help end the use of corporate tax incentives that extract wealth from local communities.

The American Prospect: Despite Pandemic Carnage, Predatory Nursing Home Financiers Keep Thriving


April 14, 2021 — In a report for The American Prospect, Economic Liberties’ Senior Fellow Moe Tkacik explained how the nursing home industry was captured by private equity and the horrible impact this has had on patients, workers, and cities coping with the pandemic.

Bloomberg Tax: New York’s Opportunity Zone Decoupling Spurs Cheers and Fears

State and Local Policy

April 8, 2021—In Bloomberg Tax, Economic Liberties’ State and Local Policy Director Pat Garofalo praised New York’s efforts to end opportunity zone tax breaks.

The American Prospect: The Big Tech of Health Care


April 5, 2021— In a new investigative piece for The America Prospect, Economic Liberties’ Krista Brown and Olivia Webb exposed UnitedHealth’s latest merger, detailing how the deal threatens to imperil the entire healthcare system.

New York Times: States Are Right to Rebel Against Big Tech

Anti-Monopoly Policies & EnforcementState and Local PolicyTech

March 18, 2021— In an exclusive essay for The New York Times, Economic Liberties’ Matt Stoller and Pat Garofalo argued in favor of state antitrust bills that would dismantle Apple and Google’s monopoly over the distribution of smartphone apps.