Maureen Tkacik

Maureen “Moe” Tkacik is a Senior Fellow at the American Economic Liberties Project. A former journalist, Tkacik has worked for the Wall Street Journal, Time, the Philadelphia Daily News, Philadelphia Magazine, Talking Points Memo and Gawker. She has written about business and economics for the New Republic, the Baffler, Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Reuters.

In 2007, Moe co-founded the website Jezebel with Anna Holmes. She contributed chapters to the collections Bad News: How The Business Press Missed the Story of a Century (2011) and False Choices: The Faux Feminism of Hillary Rodham Clinton (2016). She is a proud dropout of the University of Pennsylvania, whose tuition she found incompatible with her chosen profession.

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Latest Publications

Jacobin: Vulture Capitalists Want To Flood the Health Care System With Cheap Medical Labor


May 20, 2022 — In Jacobin, Economic Liberties’ Senior Fellow Moe Tkacik details how private equity firms have conspired to flood the emergency health care market with ER doctors in an effort to cut labor costs.

The American Prospect: A Community Hospital in Deep-Red Wyoming


April 27, 2022 — In The American Prospect, Economic Liberties’ Senior Fellow Moe Tkacik penned an essay about how one community in rural Wyoming is trying to fight back against PE giant Apollo’s destruction of their hospitals and broader community.

Jacobin: Emergency Room Doctors Are Organizing Against Profit-Driven Health Care


April 19, 2022 — In Jacobin, Economic Liberties’ Senior Fellow Moe Tkacik explained why in the face of staff shortages, patient surges, and the chaos of COVID-19, emergency room doctors are starting to organize.

The American Prospect: Built to Lie


December 3, 2021 — In The American Prospect, Senior Fellow Moe Tkacik reviews Peter Robison’s new book about the Boeing 737 MAX disaster and exposes the company’s allergy to the truth.

Daily Poster: Wall Street Is Pressing ER Docs To Fleece Patients


October 27, 2021 — For Daily Poster, Senior Fellow Moe Tkacik explains how private equity could be exposing doctors to fraud charges.