Axios: Privacy advocate will be new Big Tech threat at FTC

September 14, 2021 Media

The Biden administration sent another warning to Big Tech on Monday in nominating longtime privacy advocate Alvaro Bedoya to the Federal Trade Commission.

Why it matters: Bedoya’s expertise on data collection and surveillance, combined with Biden’s pick to lead the FTC, tech antitrust legal scholar Lina Khan, signals aggressive action from both the consumer protection and antitrust arms of the agency.

The big picture: The Biden administration has encouraged the FTC to step up its work on privacy by creating rules in the areas of unfair data collection and “surveillance practices that may damage competition, consumer autonomy, and consumer privacy” as part of an economy-wide executive order on competition.

“Our expectation is that his expertise will really complement the antitrust work, and the FTC will continue to adopt what we see as not just an aggressive but a transformational agenda,” said Sarah Miller, executive director of the anti-monopoly group American Economic Liberties Project.