BBC: Apple to face Epic Games in court

May 2, 2021 Media

After months of hype and warring words, Epic Games is finally getting its day in court with Apple.

The trial began on Monday – and is one of the most important in Apple’s history.

Apple boss Tim Cook will be giving evidence, the first time he’s given testimony at a trial.

At stake is the future of the App Store and the amount it charges developers – a wildly lucrative money spinner for the company.

Epic Games has timed the lawsuit perfectly.

The key question the judge will have to answer is whether Apple’s App Store is an “essential facility”, a sort of public utility that no one company should control.

Matt Stoller, an anti-monopoly campaigner, believes so.

“Everybody knows that Apple is in charge of what should be public rights of way. It would be easiest if the judge just rules in favour of Epic [Games], that would fix it,” he says.