Fast Company: Inside Facebook’s Quadruple Play: How the Company Is Finally Melding Its Apps

September 23, 2020 Media

As Zuckerberg predicted in his 2019 post, skepticism about Facebook’s efforts to stitch together its properties is running high. Some critics see them as a preemptive gambit to make itself tougher to disentangle, should current spikes of antitrust fever on Capitol Hill turn into government action to break it up or impose new restrictions on its behavior.

“The fact that they’re continuing to race to do that is really irresponsible,” says Sarah Miller, executive director of the American Economic Liberties Project, which has called for the breakup of both Facebook and Google on the grounds that their dominance of major internet services harms society and democracy and makes them too big to regulate in their current form. “It’s also disrespectful to policy makers and to our democratic institutions that have raised clear and obvious concerns with their acquisition strategy over the years.”