Gizmodo: ‘Amazon is Full of Shit:’ Consumer Groups Slam Bezos’ Antitrust Argument

June 1, 2022 Media

Amazon—a trillion dollar multinational corporation repeatedly sued by labor groups for unfair working conditions at its facilities—wants you to know it’s being treated unfairly.

In a blog post on Wednesday Amazon lashed out at antitrust legislationcurrently making its way through Congress for selectively, “targeting just a handful of American companies.” If implemented, Amazon says the reforms aimed at increasing marketplace competitiveness and reducing monopolistic behavior could result in higher prices and less product selection on Amazon’s retail website, which could in effect break Prime as we know it.

“Amazon’s latest blog is just another attempt to stir up anxiety about the exact bills needed to ensure a fair marketplace,” American Economic Liberties Project Senior Policy Analyst Krista Brown said in an interview with Gizmodo. “The arguments laid out are made in bad faith, as there are countless examples of Amazon knowingly harming the small business ecosystem.”

Brown cited a recent settlement where Amazon had to pay $2.5 million over an alleged price-fixing program and a recent lawsuit filed by District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine which accuses the company of driving up prices across its platform as prime examples of why bills like Klobuchar’s are needed.

“While all of these are conveniently left out of the [blog] there are dozens of other differences between Amazon and large retailers like Walmart that specifically hurt consumers and small businesses,” Brown added.