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May 27, 2022 Media

Flight Attendants Union Backs Controversial Airline Merger 

Finally, Association of Flight Attendants union President Sara Nelson has earned accolades for being a progressive champion. However, in recent months, she faced criticism from progressive activists for backing reactionary positions.

Last month, Sara Nelson faced criticism for defending the refusal of her union to take a position on the dropping of the mask mandate on airlines. Disability advocates criticized Nelson at length for not taking a position on the matter.

Last week, Nelson praised the merger of Spirit and Frontier Airlines, which would create the fifth largest airline in the US, and said that her union would support it.

​​“We support the necessary regulatory approvals that will improve competition, increase consumer options and experience, and maintain and grow good union jobs,” Nelson said in an announcement.

The move faced criticism from many progressive groups.

“In an industry already infamous for anticompetitive behavior and collusion, a Frontier-Spirit merger will raise prices for consumers, drive job cuts, encourage service reductions, and enable more airline market power abuse,” said Shahid Naeem, a Policy Analyst at the American Economic Liberties Project in a statement. “While allowing another airline mega-merger may benefit shareholders, executives, and their bankers, all evidence shows that it will be a raw deal for American travelers, citizens, and workers. If Frontier and Spirit want a stronger market share, they should offer a better product — not ask the government to hand it to them.”

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