POLITICO: Google accused of monopolizing $250B U.S. digital ad market

January 24, 2023 Media

The Justice Department and states including California, New York, Colorado and Virginia filed a lawsuit against Googlealleging the search and advertising behemoth illegally monopolized the online ad market through a yearslong practice of self-dealing, anticompetitive acquisitions, and forcing businesses to use multiple products and services that it offers.

The Justice Department and states are accusing Google of illegally monopolizing the roughly $250 billion U.S. market for digital ads. The complaint is seeking to break up the company’s advertising business, along with unspecified damages for harm directly impacting the federal government. Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Tennessee also joined the lawsuit.

Progressives applauded the case. “As the Justice Department’s suit meticulously documents, Google is a buyer, broker, and digital advertising exchange with pervasive conflicts of interest,” said Matt Stoller with the American Economic Liberties Project. “Google regularly abuses this power, manipulating markets, muscling out any form of competition, and inspiring fear across the commercial landscape.”