Politico Morning Tech: Lefty veterans group launches campaign to combat disinformation

April 7, 2021 Media

— Scoop: A $10 million campaign launching today will try to better protect veterans from being prime targets of disinformation, after many in the community joined the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol.

— Illinois’ race against the clock: Time is running out for the Illinois Legislature to advance a bill affecting developers’ choices in the Apple and Google app stores — and progressive groups are pressuring the state Senate to get it done.

— Stats du jour: YouTube publicly released stats on the percent of views violative videos rack up — an apparent response to Washington’s growing calls for transparency. It’s a small percentage with big implications.

FIRST IN MT: GROUPS BACK ILLINOIS APP STORE BILL — Progressives are pushing the state Senate in Illinois to take up a bill requiring Apple and Google to let developers use alternate payment methods within their app stores. Illinois, like several other states, is considering app store legislation (SB 2311), and in a letter Wednesday, seven national and local groups urged the Senate to move it forward.

“This bill is about fairness and competition in markets, not ‘price fixing’ or any of the other scare terms tech lobbyists have been throwing around to sow fear and confusion,” said the groups, which include the American Economic Liberties Project and Illinois PIRG.

— Time is of the essence: The Legislature adjourns for the year at the end of May. For the bill to be considered this year, the state’s Senate Judiciary panel would need to take action to move it out of committee by April 16.