Thom Hartmann Program Live (5/24/2022)

May 24, 2022 Interview, Media

— Is Trumpism This Generation’s Version of the Confederacy? (1)

— Did Perdue Really Tell Stacy Abrams to “Go Back Where She Came From?” (I refer you back to my 1st Topic today) (1)

— “I Told You So!” Birdocracy: Noisy jackdaws take a ‘vote’ before flying (1)

— It’s Getting To Hot In Here According to NOAA & An Oil Giant Resigns Citing Concern For the Planet (2)

— New Reporting – Are Putin’s Days Numbered? (2)

— Gregg Barak – Criminology on Trump (3)

— Lori Wallach – About Biden’s New Tokyo/Indo/Pacific Trade/Economic Framework….(3)