Washington Post: In letter to airline CEOs, Buttigieg calls disruptions ‘unacceptable’

August 19, 2022 Media

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg wrote to the chief executives of the nation’s 10 largest airlines Thursday, telling them the level of disruption to flights this year has been “unacceptable.”

William J. McGee, senior fellow for aviation and travel at the American Economic Liberties Project, said Buttigieg’s latest letter was insufficient and urged him to take a tougher approach.

“We passed the letter writing phase about 50,000 canceled flights ago,” McGee said in a statement. “While airline CEOs consider his letter, consumers are facing unprecedented delays, losing out on refunds they’re owed, and sleeping on terminal floors. If Secretary Buttigieg will not effectively fight these problems, it is time to empower policymakers who will.”