WBUR – On Point: What Ticketmaster’s Taylor Swift debacle reveals about the music industry’s monopoly problem

November 22, 2022 Interview, Media

Taylor Swift fans broke Ticketmaster last week.

But many critics argue the ticketing company has been broken since it merged with Live Nation and monopolized the concert industry 12 years ago.

“They know the amount of power they have and that’s why it’s the level of product that it is,” guest Krista Brown says.

Swifties now have some “Bad Blood” with Ticketmaster, and they aren’t likely to just “Shake It Off.”

Today, On Point: Congress has tried for years to reign in this ticketing monopoly – will Taylor Swift Fans make all the difference?


Krista Brown, senior policy analyst at the American Economic Liberties Project. Co-author of the report “How Antitrust Enforcers Helped Create a Live Events Monster.”