WSJ: FTC’s Only Republican Commissioner Is Stepping Down

February 14, 2023 Media

The Federal Trade Commission’s lone Republican member said Tuesday she was resigning, describing her move as a protest against the leadership strategy and ethics of the Democratic chair of the antitrust and consumer-protection agency.

Commissioner Christine Wilson decided to step down from her position after battling Chair Lina Khan over “abuses of regulatory power,” including “dishonesty and subterfuge,” Ms. Wilson wrote in an Op-Ed article in The Wall Street Journal. Ms. Wilson said she would leave the agency soon but didn’t provide a date.

Progressive groups that support Ms. Khan’s stricter approach to antitrust said Ms. Wilson’s decision to quit shouldn’t reflect badly on the chair. “Under Chair Khan’s leadership, the FTC is reinstating the rule of law as Congress intended, using its broad authority to stop anticompetitive, deceptive, and unfair practices,” said Katherine Van Dyck, senior legal counsel at the American Economic Liberties Project.