Advocates Urge DOJ to Criminally Prosecute Boeing, and Deputy AG Monaco to Recuse Herself

July 3, 2024 Press Release

Washington, D.C. — With a July 7 deadline looming for the Department of Justice to decide whether to criminally prosecute Boeing for violating its 2021 deferred prosecution agreement, the American Economic Liberties Project and a coalition of groups sent a letter yesterday urging Attorney General Garland to not let the aerospace monopoly off the hook with a plea deal and for Deputy AG Lisa Monaco to recuse herself from the deliberations given her conflicts of interest.

“Boeing’s repeated violations of its 2021 agreement have had deathly consequences and they should be held criminally liable,” said Morgan Harper, Director of Advocacy and Policy at the American Economic Liberties Project. “From undocumented repair work to downplaying whistleblower concerns, Boeing’s catastrophic mismanagement has led to a series of dangerous safety incidents and crashes. This is unacceptable for any company, but especially one with a monopoly over a nationally important industry like aerospace manufacturing. A decision of this magnitude must be made without a hint of bias, which is why Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco—whose personal and financial ties to the company have been widely reported—must recuse herself from the deliberations so the DOJ can best protect the American public.”

“To bring justice for the families whose 346 loved ones have died in 737 Max crashes, the DOJ must carry out an impartial decision to prosecute Boeing to the fullest extent of the law,” added Harper. “Anything less is feckless enforcement.”

The letter. co-signed by Revolving Door Project and Demand Progress Education Fund, highlights Boeing’s ongoing safety issues, including a recent catastrophic incident involving a 737 MAX-9 aircraft and allegations of internal pressure to downplay safety concerns. These incidences violate a 2021 deferred prosecution agreement with the DOJ, which was filed after the agency charged Boeing with defrauding the FAA in the wake of two fatal 737 MAX crashes. With reporting earlier this week indicating that the DOJ could reach a plea deal with Boeing, the letter warns how a potential “sweetheart deal” (as called by the crash victims’ families) could undermine public trust in the justice system. With a July 7 deadline for the DOJ to make a decision, the letter states that only a criminal prosecution will ensure Boeing is held accountable and motivated to address its systemic safety problems.

With a consequential decision on whether to criminally prosecute a $77 billion company, it’s crucial that the DOJ maintain impartiality in its deliberations. That’s why the letter also urges Deputy Attorney General Monaco’s—who has personal connections to Boeing via her work at WestExec Advisors and reported stock holdings—to recuse herself form any deliberations.

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