Jim Cramer is Obsessed With Complaining About FTC Chair Khan, New Economic Liberties Tracker Reveals

May 13, 2024 Press Release

Washington, D.C. — Ever since Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan took office, CNBC anchor Jim Cramer has been fixated on insulting and disparaging her enforcement record on live TV, as revealed by new American Economic Liberties Project tracker called “Jim Cramer’s Lina Khan Obsession.”

“Jim Cramer’s anger over the FTC’s enforcement record has turned into a full blown obsession, launching nearly weekly barbs at Chair Khan with the zeal of a carnival barker defending his turf,” said Jimmy Wyderko, Spokesperson for the American Economic Liberties Project. “This has manifested on national cable news through a series of unhinged, incoherent, and often inaccurate rants from Jim Cramer attacking the FTC for standing up to big corporations and delivering kitchen table wins to working families. Given Jim Cramer’s role as mouthpiece and cheerleader for monopolists across the economy, Chair Khan should consider his harassment a badge of honor. We hope to see Jim Cramer get over his fixation syndrome, which is evidently even starting to frustrate his colleagues, as soon as he is able.”

The Economic Liberties analysis includes more than 30 of Cramer’s most egregious attacks against Chair Khan. However, given his prominence on the network as a host on Squawk on the Street in the morning and Mad Money in the evening, there are definitely many, many more instances. Rarely a week goes by where Cramer doesn’t at least mutter at least one disparaging remark toward Chair Khan’s FTC.

Some of Cramer’s greatest hits include calling Chair Khan “stupid,” “an empty suit,” and “a total hack,” while comparing her views to Don Quixote, Vladmir Lenin, and Karl Marx. He’s asked “where is [Lina Khan] from” and even claimed that the agency has gotten “more realistic” after and his colleagues have “pounded, pounded, pounded everyday.” This has resulted in countless awkward silences and stunned reactions from his colleagues, who themselves can’t believe how deep Cramer’s Lina Khan obsession goes. As his co-anchor David Faber said once after a Cramer rant, “I love how you bring everything back to [Lina Khan]. What’s that got to do with anything?”

View the full tracker and list of video clips here.

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