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Axios: Advocacy group targets Facebook’s and Google’s ad model

June 10, 2020 – In an exclusive report, Axios spotlighted Economic Liberties’ latest quick take, which explains Facebook and Google’s harmful ad-driven business model and the steps that should be taken to end the click bate driven culture they created.

Economic Liberties Explains Facebook and Google’s Toxic Business Model and How to Hold the Platforms Accountable 

Washington, D.C.— As Facebook and Google allow dangerous conspiracy theories and violent rhetoric to go viral on their platforms, the American Economic Liberties Project today released “Ending our Click-Bait Culture: Why Progressives Must Break the Power of Facebook and Google,” a new policy quick take that explains why antitrust enforcement, combined with changing the rules that protect Facebook and Google’s business model, is the only way to sustainably address their range of harms. 

Daily Beast: Biden’s Dilemma: Restore the Economy to a Pre-COVID Norm or Transform It

June 8, 2020 – Economic Liberties’ Executive Director Sarah Miller spoke to the Daily Beast about growing momentum to break up monopolies and complementary efforts to protect workers, consumers and small businesses during COVID-19 by taking on corporate power.

Axios: As techlash heats up again, here’s who’s stoking the fire

June 5, 2020—Axios credited Economic Liberties as a key driver of the techlash, spotlighting a recent report on antitrust and regulatory remedies to mitigate Facebook and Google’s harms.

Politico: Fresh Confrontation for Google (Morning Tech)

June 3, 2020 – Economic Liberties’ Executive Director Sarah Miller talked to Politico about breaking up Google, drawing attention to the ways the giant profits off racist content, and Freedom from Facebook & Google’s new digital ad campaign targeting employees, investors, and analysts.