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Economic Liberties’ New Paper Highlights Facebook & Google’s Damaging Effects on Local Communities and Outlines Solutions 

August 31, 2020—Economic Liberties released “Close to Home: How the Power of Facebook and Google Effects Local Communities", an analysis of the ways Facebook and Google have harmed local businesses and destroyed local journalism, exposes the political strategies they use to extract subsidies from local communities, and details solutions

Protect Our Restaurants Praises NYC & LA Delivery Fee Cap Extensions

August 27, 2020–The Protect Our Restaurants campaign issued a statement in support of the legislation and urged local policymakers across the country to enact similar measures to protect their communities from the predatory and anti-competitive practices of delivery apps.

Grub Street: Assembling Tapas and Dismantling Monopolies With Zephyr Teachout

August 24, 2020 — Zephyr Teachout, a member of Economic Liberties’ Steering Committee, talked with Grub Street about her new book: Break ‘Em Up: Recovering Our Freedom From Big Ag, Big Tech, and Big Money.

Washington Post: When regulators fail to rein in Big Tech, some turn to antitrust litigation

August 21, 2020—Economic Liberties’ Research Director Matt Stoller spoke to The Washington Post about the Epic Games’ new lawsuit against Apple and the movement to take on corporate power.

Bloomberg: The hipsters of antitrust

August 19, 2020—Economic Liberties' Executive Director Sarah Miller spoke to Bloomberg about the unstoppable movement to reel in abusive concentrations of wealth and the importance of Biden including personnel with aggressive antitrust approaches in his administration.