Sally Hubbard

Sally Hubbard is currently Director of Enforcement Strategy at the Open Markets Institute. She is Senior Fellow at the American Economic Liberties Project. She possesses expertise on critical sectors, especially technology platforms like Google and Facebook, and engages with state attorneys general, who have significant authority to police and rein in monopoly power. Sally served as an Assistant Attorney General in the Antitrust Bureau of New York State, working for Attorneys General Spitzer, Cuomo, and Schneiderman.

Previously Sally was Senior Editor of Tech Antitrust Enforcement at The Capitol Forum, where she specialized in antitrust, data regulation and tech giants. Sally has testified in the U.S. House of Representatives and before the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and regularly provides antitrust expertise for national and global news programs. Ms. Hubbard has published her views in media outlets like CNN and The New York Times.