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Business Insider: Arizona’s terrible NHL team is begging voters for $200 million to build a permanent home, but stadiums are consistently huge money pits

February 6, 2023 — Economic Liberties Director of State & Local Policy Pat Garofalo spoke with Business Insider about the latest professional sports team begging for taxpayer money to build a stadium.

FT: Letting the public decide is key to Big Tech regulation

February 5, 2023 — Economic Liberties' Research Director Matt Stoller talked with Financial Times about the Department of Justice's Google digital ad suit.

WNYC – On The Media: How Ticketmaster Took Over Live Music

February 3, 2023 — Economic Liberties' Krista Brown and Moe Tkacik joined WNYC's On The Media podcast to unpack how the grunge band Pearl Jam tried to take on Ticketmaster's monopoly power in the 1990s.

AP: How the US fell out of love with flying

February 2, 2023 — Economic Liberties Senior Fellow for Aviation & Travel Bill McGee explains to Financial Times how consolidation is to blame for the decline of the air travel industry.