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Frommer’s: The Proposed U.S. Airline Mergers Are Terrible for Americans, And Here’s Proof Why

December 5, 2023 — In his debut column for Frommer's, Economic Liberties' William McGee explains why despite the hype, the proposed mergers of several major airlines won't turn out well for travelers.

Politico: The Next Generation of Law Students Is Obsessed With Lina Khan

November 6, 2023 — Economic Liberties' Anti-Monopoly Summit is highlighted in a feature on law students' excitement about strong antitrust enforcement.

WBUR: The NCAA, antitrust and the future of college sports

October 31, 2023 — Katie Van Dyck, Economic Liberties' Senior Legal Counsel, discusses the NCAA's requested antitrust exemption on WBUR's On Point.