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The Google Search Trial is Adjourned, But We Shouldn’t Expect a Ruling Until Summer 2024

November 17, 2023 — Economic Liberties provides some closing thoughts as the Google Search trial holds its last witness before closing arguments next spring.

New Policy Brief Reveals How State & Local Lawmakers Can Fight Back Against Amazon

November 16, 2023 — A new policy brief released today by the American Economic Liberties Project explains how Amazon maintains its monopoly power, stifles local businesses, and harms local economies—and what state lawmakers can do to fight back. The policy brief, featured in a new op-ed from Pat Garofalo in the Chicago Sun Times today, comes amid ongoing legal challenges and growing public scrutiny over Amazon's unfair business practices.

Unions, Small Business Groups & Advocates Launch Urging Congress to Pass CCCA

November 15, 2023 — A diverse group of organizations representing workers, small businesses, competition and consumer advocates, launched a new ‘Lower Credit Card Fees’ Coalition to dispel myths surrounding the bipartisan Credit Card Competition Act (CCCA) and urging Congress to pass it. The new microsite home for the coalition,, which includes crucial background on how the legislation would address significant market failures in the credit card payment network, comes alongside new research from government watchdog Accountable.US, which highlights the dark money at play in this legislative fight.

Strong Competition Policy Requires A Judiciary That Believes In Enforcement of Competition Laws

November 14, 2023 — In response to news that Representative Pramila Jayapal, Ranking Member Jerrold Nadler, and nine other Members of Congress have called on the White House to consider President Biden’s competition policy when selecting judicial nominees, the American Economic Liberties Project released the following statement. 

Union Workers, Consumer Advocates, and Competition Policy Experts Urge FTC to Block Kroger-Albertsons Merger

November 14, 2023 — The American Economic Liberties Project and a coalition of local chapters of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) today hosted a virtual event—featuring policy experts, consumers, and grocery workers—urging the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to block the harmful Kroger-Albertsons merger. The event comes alongside a new policy brief from Economic Liberties, which substantively breaks down this merger’s effect on food prices, consumer choice, and supply chain fragility, titled “SupermarketSqueeze: The Real Costs of the Kroger-Albertsons Deal.”