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Economic Liberties’ New Explainer Lays Out What to Expect from Antitrust Cases Against Google

October 8, 2020 — The American Economic Liberties Project today released “What You Need to Know About Section 2 of the Sherman Act,” a new policy quick take that explains how Section 2 antitrust cases work, and what a case against Google might look like.

Congress’s Big Tech Report is a Victory for American Democracy Over Trillion Dollar Titans

October 6, 2020 - Today, the House Judiciary Committee’s Antitrust Subcommittee concluded its year-long investigation into the gatekeeping power of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google by releasing a final report that documents how these corporations built and abused their monopoly power, and includes a series of policy recommendations such as structural and line of business separations to restore competition.

Morgan Stanley-E*Trade Merger Threatens Consumers & Economy

September 30, 2020— The American Economic Liberties Project released the following statement after the Federal Reserve Board announced that it had approved Morgan Stanley’s acquisition of E*Trade Financial Corporation.

Uber-Postmates Merger Will Only Serve Monopolists

September 29, 2020 — The Protect Our Restaurants campaign released the following statement in response to new reporting that revealed the Department of Justice is conducting an in-depth review of the proposed Uber-Postmates merger.

DOJ’s Section 230 Proposal Doesn’t Address Real Issues

September 23, 2020 — The American Economic Liberties Project released the following statement in response to a new proposal from the U.S. Department of Justice to modify Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.